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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Everything that will make you buy the new Samsung Galaxy S10E

Samsung Galaxy S10E we don't know what the E stands for yet so I'm just going to go with the economy.

Before we dive into the s10E details, you might want to check out Galaxy S10 and S10 plus the flagships lineup at Samsung Galaxy S10s Three main improvements.

However, The Galaxy s10E is a new addition to the Galaxy S10s lineup coming in at a bit of a lower price. Kind of just like what Apple did in September with their iPhones. Some people thought Apple is getting a little loose, releasing a third phone alongside the other two. That may get a little confusing. But then again, Samsung already makes like 10,000 phones. So I guess we shouldn't be surprised by this duplication of strategy. So if the Galaxy S10 an S10 plus are perfect matches alongside the iPhone tennis and tennis Max, which they kind of are then this galaxy S10 he is a perfect parallel to the iPhone.

And that's starting with the price. It is $750 just like the XR which is definitely again not budget by any means but it is lower than the other flagship phone that's launching with so with that Where are you saving your money well the form factor of the s10 he is super similar to the regular s10 As you can see, but it cut some corners literally to save price and that starts with the display which is a bit smaller. Now it's a 5.8 inch am OLED display and it's flat now instead of curved so basically the Infinity display on the higher end phones sort of melts gloriously over the sides. The last 10E has a flat screen meaning it goes mostly edge to edge but it's a little less dramatic Matter of fact it's similar to the iPhone xR in that the bezel is all the way around are just a little bit thicker, just a slightly taller chin slightly cut inside Basil's it's not problematic at all. In fact I think most people would hardly notice but it's just people like me for pixel peeping that are going to see that but it's still an over 90% screen to body ratio.

And also worth mentioning. The display on this so many wallet is slightly lesser than the two higher end brothers. It's still way better than the display Apple put in the iPhone xR, this was an LCD, this was a much lower resolution display on the SME is still a 500 plus pixels per inch Emma display so it's got the same characteristics the same hole punch but it's just a slightly lesser than the older brothers. Anyway, another one of the big new features of the S10 was of course the ultrasonic fingerprint reader underneath the display glass. That's pretty high end expensive tech S10 he doesn't have that instead, it actually uses a traditional fingerprint reader and it's in the power button on the right hand side. This is probably the best backup location to put it in. I usually prefer on the back of phones just because that's where my finger naturally rests. But the power button is also great because you're often pressing that button anyway. And your finger usually rest there too. So then the last major trade off of the Galaxy S10 He is just like the iPhone 10 are removing one of the cameras so the bigger brother has actually

Camera the galaxy has 10 just got triple cameras, which means the Galaxy S 10. He now has dual cameras. So shares the same high end do aperture primary camera. And it also keeps the ultra wide, so it doesn't have the telephoto camera anymore, which I think is great because most people rarely intentionally use the telephoto camera anyway. And then on paper with the specs. They even did what Apple did with the SOC and the rim. iPhone xR had the same chip but a little bit less Ram. So here comes Galaxy S10e.
It has also the same Snapdragon 855 like it's brothers, but it starts with 6GB of RAM instead of 8GB.
But again, you can upgrade to get a version with more RAM and more storage if you want to spend a little bit more but also to be honest, most people buying phones like this probably won't notice the difference between 6 and 8GB of RAM. Anyway, that's more about future proofing and overhead. And to be fair, we'll see how these stones performed down the line in action. This one also has ip68 certification. This phone also has expandable storage is not missing those things. But also note because the phones a little bit smaller. The battery is also a bit smaller so, It's a 3100 milliamp hour battery and the S10 which is still bigger than the battery of last year's Galaxy S9 so overall Galaxy S10e appears to be a pretty great phone. Thet costs just a bit less than Samsung's other new phones the sacrifices come and the three main areas of display fingerprint and cameras but they're still pretty good at all those areas so similar to the iPhone 10 our first impression It feels like this is going to be the phone of the new ones that most people should get to save that $150 but you can let me know what you think would you spend the extra money on the super fancy display and the fingerprint reader and the extra camera or would you save that money.

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