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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Best Cable Management tool for your Set Up

For me, cable management is one of the most important things to do because I like to stay organize and in the past it was difficult to hide all the cables since every electronic device and tech gadget cannot operate without cable and it is almost impossible to have all wireless devices in your house, So I used to get annoyed when I see any single wired dropping down whether behind my TV or computer or a gaming console but finally know companies started to take that problem in consideration and even some of them will include tools to help you manage your cables and some even started to invist in dedicated cable managment products even though the tech industry is heading toward wireless area but will still need to use these tools in a way or another.

Here some the most common cable management tool that I use and they might help you improve your gaming or productivity Set Up:

1JOTO Cord Management System for TV / Computer - (Amazon Link)

2eBoot Adhesive Cable Clips Wire Clips - (Amazon Link)

3 - Whellen Cable Organizer - (Amazon Link)

4 - Wiremold CMK50 Cord Mate II - (Amazon Link)

5 - Viaky Black Clips Self Adhesive Backed Nylon - (Amazon Link)

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