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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Top 5 Male Tech YouTube Channels to follow in 2018 (Part 1)

Best Technology channels on youtube

As a tech guy, I always like to stay up to date with what is happening in the Technology industry and since am not a fan of newspapers and TVs, I do keep an eye some like-minded tech bloggers and YouTubers like  Linus, Marques, Jonathan, Tested, Level1Techs, Austin Evans .. and more.
 Tech and Inovations and i mean every thing, SmartPhones Computers, Cameras, Cars ...!
Those creators talk almost about everything that is happening and will happen in Tech and Innovations and I mean everything, SmartPhones Computers, Cameras, Cars ...! Like I said they are one of the top resources that you can rely on when it comes to technology, and So if you are also a likeminded tech guy/girl, here are some of the best tech YouTube channels that you should check out.

1 - Linus Tech Tips

This channel is one of my favorite channels on YouTube because he basically like to test and review electronic gadgets and he uploads videos regularly on his channel so you can check him out on Youtube: LinusTech Tips

2 - Android Authority

The name said it all, the channel is a reliable android related review and tips source that you can count on when you need to know anything about your Android device or just anything that concern technology also they have a website that is full of tech contents that might help to you to find what you are looking for, You can check them out on YouTube: Android Authority.

3 - Marques Brownlee

Maques aka MKBHD, is a nother amazing YouTube tech reviewr and one of the top tech channels that you might like to check out if speacially if you love smartphone, he make an outstanding Phone reviews on YouTube and one of the videos he made is The Smartphone Awords a very interesting video where he breaks down the good and the bad things about all the Phones that have been released over the year and give awords acording to categores and in 2017 he took it too far he even made special designed trophies .. yep he did that! and that made the gain tech company Samsung reach out to claim their award so this channel is definitely a good place to look for the latest tech news.
You can check Marques on MKBHS On YouTube

4 - Techno Buffalo

TechnoBuffalo as the first-word mention is one of the tech YouTube channels I personally follow, it's a tech news based platform where the focus to give tips and help tech consumers to get the most out of their tech gadgets and enjoy their tech lifestyle to its full potential, you can check the channel on YouTube at TechnoBuffalo.

5 - Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan also is one of the best tech YouTuber that you can subscribe to get the latest gadgets insides and outs because he talks about everything related tech and he makes great video reviews you might found what you looking for on his channel on youtube at TLD YouTube Channel.

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