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Saturday, January 13, 2018

How to fix [Page Not Found] Facebook sharing error on Blogger

Blogging sometimes can be very annoying and at some point, you might feel frustrated because a small error that can be fixed in just a few clicks, but as long as you are doing what love there shouldn't feel like that because you will always find a way to solve whatever error that comes on your way.

how you can fix [Page Not Found] error when sharing blog post on Facebook

 anyhow a few weeks ago I wanted to share one of my posts blog posts to a Facebook page and I was getting [Page Not Found] message whenever I tried to post the link on Facebook and I got annoyed after trying it for many times so what I did is I made a coffee and told myself you got this! and in less than 5 minutes I was surprised how easy to fix some errors when you look at it as just a small problem, So here is how is easy to fix [Page Not Found] Blogger Post Sharing Error on Facebook:

1 - Copy the post link.
2 - Go to Open Graph Object Debugger at,            make sure you are already signed in to your Facebook account.
3 - Click on Fetch new scrap information as shown the following Pic.

4 - Go back and copy the post link and post on your Facebook page after you do these steps and you are done! as simple as that.

This should fix the problem, and if not let me know in the comment below if you are still having the same error after applying this steps and I will try to search for another way.

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