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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Best Portable Battery Bank on Amazon

Power Banks (Battery Bank) or Portable charger became more popular in the last three years and so you will see many companies still entering the business from time to time because we tend to use our phone now more than ever and it doesn't matter if you use it for just phone calls or checking emails taking pictures, listening to music or watching videos and social media all these above drains your battery so you will definitely need extra power other than your phone's battery.

And therefore, here are top high-quality Power Banks to buy on Amazon and eBay to get you through the day without running out of power.

1 - Anker PowerCore

This power bank is made by well-known technology company you probably have heard of it, they make one of the best Portable battery banks in the market and you can never go wrong with their product, the bank gives you an extra 10000mAh for the smaller version and 26800mAh for the bigger one to recharge your phone multiple times a day, you can buy it from Amazon or eBay for less than $30 for the small one and less than $100 for the 26800mAh one.

Anker portable charger on amazon

2 - Aibocn Power Bank

This one comes with a backup flashlight and before you say "what do i need a flashlight for" i suggest you check it out because you never know when you will need something until that moment hits you so just keep it in case.
Aibocn portable charger has 10000mAh juice on it and i will cost less than $10 on, it will keep your phone alive and running and gives you that peace of mind.

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