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Friday, January 12, 2018

Best 5 Tech that were introduced on CES 2018

The International Consumer Electronics Show aka CES 2018 was full of a lot of interesting devices and tech gadgets, New Smartphones, Drones, TVs, Smartwatches, Laptops were introduced on the first 2 days. Many companies do their best to impress consumers on this show and so you see and try an unless line of best tech on this amazing show but every time there is new company that really knows how to grabs everyone's attention and walk away with CES best tech of the year, however, there's still one day left for the show to ends but so far here are some of the best tech of CES that were introduced in the Convention Center in Las Vegas, United States.

1- The Wall TV

Is the world first MicroLED 146-inch TV from Samsung, the TV comes with (4320p) 8K display resolution and the user will be able to connect his/her Mobile Phone easily using Samsung Smart-Things app and it has artificial intelligence that capable of controlling devices they will you want to and you can wall-mounted it without any stress.

2 - Song WF-SP700N
Noic canceling wireless earbuds by Song is IPX4 Splash-proof and 3h battery life, Priced at $180.

3 - Razer Project Linda

This device is a concept design powered by razer android phone that was introduced last year and it simply automatically turns into a Laptop by sliding the phone into the trackpad area, the Razer Phone screen becomes the trackpad and the user will be able to use the device bigger screen.

4 - First SmartPhone with Under-Glass Fingerprint Sensor
VIVO is always 2 steps ahead of other smartphones companies but this time they came in big by introducing the first ever SmartPhone that comes with an under-glass fingerprint reader, the phone has no name yet but it will hit the market within this year.

5 - Le Slide - Slidenjoy
This device allows the user to add an extra Two screens to your laptop using only USB its comes in different sizes and the price starts at $415.

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