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Friday, January 12, 2018

Amazing Gaming/YouTube Setups on the Internet

If you are planning to buy a gaming pc or want to build your own right, you probably will do some research online to get an idea of what PC components to go with and what gear do you need to make your gaming experience outstanding. on this post, I will be sharing some basic Gaming Setups and ideas to help you make up your mind, and I will also try to post more Setup photos and ideas from time to time so make sure to follow my Facebook page for updates.

* Note: Those Setups were shared on different Social media platforms and Therefore if you own any of these Setups feel free to contact me or comment on this post so I can mention you on the site.

1 - Nuno Agonia's Youtube and Gaming Setup 

This guy is insane, he has one of the mind-blowing setup I have ever seen on the internet, he is also a tech reviewer you can find him on Youtube as well, sadly I don't have more photos about his Setup but hopefully, I will get more Pictures on my next Post.

Youtuber gaming setups tour

2 - The Ultimate Gamer's Paradise by UrAvgConsumer

Another dope gaming/Youtube setup by also tech reviewer known by UrAvgConsumer on youtube.

UrAvgConsumer gaming setup 1

UrAvgConsumer gaming setup 2

3 - Marbar Gaming Setup

This setup belongs to Alex Marbar, he is a well known Tech Youtuber and Vlogger and he had multiple channels on youtube I have been following for some time now so if you like tech stuff you can find him on youtube.

Alex Mazber room tour project

Altrawide gaming setup by Mazbar-Alex

Mazbar room tour project video 2018

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